Bucks County cataract

Bucks County Cataract

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When your vision becomes cloudy or blurry as the result of cataracts, you can depend on corrective eyewear for improvement, but that may eventually stop giving you the results you want. At IC Laser Eye Care, we have a solution, and it’s surgery. If the idea of eliminating the effects caused by cataracts entirely is appealing to you, then you’ll want to keep reading.

Your Bucks County cataract consists of one or more deposits of protein that form and develop on the outside of your eyes’ natural lenses. These deposits do not cause any physical harm to your eyes, but they do hinder your vision, and that’s bad enough. When they first develop, they may not cause you any noticeable symptoms, but at some point they will. Your Bucks County cataract may respond very well to eyeglasses or contact lenses, including periodic prescription updates as necessary. When that is no longer true, you should come in for a consultation and examination to determine if you are a good candidate for surgery. The procedure consists of removing your natural lenses and then replacing them with prosthetic ones that are known as intraocular lens implants, or simply IOLs. Depending on your vision needs and your insurance coverage, you may be able to say goodbye to corrective eyewear for good after you have cataract surgery. Or you may have great distance vision but still need reading glasses for seeing up close. Either way, blurriness and cloudiness will be in the past. You need not worry, because the procedure is safe and has a high rate of success.

You can go back to doing all the things that your Bucks County cataract was preventing you from enjoying: driving, reading, golfing, and so much more. Why not reach out to our office right now and schedule an appointment to come in?

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